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The sense

Sometimes I still think about my lightness lying five feet above the ground enveloped my the euphoria if your scent as it was trapped in that dumb jacket you wrapped around me as the nippy bluff bit my tender skin. I still dream of that scent as I took drags of that stupid jacket that you let me keep because I thought you smelled so good.

The scent came to me inbetween keypresses and listeners and the most mundane events.



how i feel when i wear glasses vs how i feel without them. by AlliCattt

where’s her oscar because this is a full movie in 6 seconds


Séléna Picque

If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoyevsky, they can learn to say Uzoamaka.
-Uzo Aduba’s mother proving that the idea of not being able to pronounce a POC’s name because it’s “too hard” or “too complicated” is complete bullshit and actually just laziness. (via cosmicspread)

We each need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it’s not easy. 

ppl can never let ppl talk about anti-asian racism w/o being like “what about..” and “yeah but..” 👀🔍 like it isn’t a competition ok!




Malcolm X: Our History Was Destroyed By Slavery 

on March 17, 1963 in Chicago.

see how little we get taught about history - I never had any idea why Malcolm X used the ‘X’. 

How come I didn’t know this

Also that crusty old white man called the named ‘gifted’. Jesus.